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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are so many models missing?
All vehicles on this website have been photographed from the same point of view for the purpose of the website based on car spotting. This takes a huge amount of time and effort. US models not available in Europe or the Middle East are completely missing, however please be patient as there is an update on the way. The delay is also due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Missing European models are simply not popular in Western Europe and are difficult to find e.g. sedans. We are constantly working on filling in the gaps.

Can I just send you images of cars I found on the internet to be added?
No. There are two main reasons for this: (1) Images you found on the internet are copyrighted (2) Random images do not match the perspective of the images already available on Carsized. It would be a lie to everyone to compare to a car, which has been photographed from a different point of view (different camera distance, height, and centering). All cars on the website have been photographed from the same point of view based on car spotting in public space and represent the reality. This is very complicated and time consuming.

However, it is possible to send images of your own car if you follow our instructions. Unfortunately, many people give up due to the complexity. Please contact us for more details in case you are interested.

Why can't I just search for a car?
Unfortunately this is on purpose for now. Search functionality might be considered soon especially with increasing traffic.

Why is a vehicle appearing shorter when it is actually longer?
All vehicles are photographed from a street perspective, which is the way they are mostly perceived. This point of view might deviate from the specification drawings of the manufacturer. The shape of the vehicle plays a key role with modern vehicles (being rounded) appearing shorter compared to classic vehicles. This is due to the different point of maximum length with the center (deeper into the picture) for modern ones and the side (front line) for classics.

What is the best way to experience the website?
Desktop. Unfortunately, mobile devices do not have enough space to handle visual comparison of two vehicles properly with all the required information around it.

Let us know about the cars you'd love to see on our website by contacting us on social media or dropping us an email to info[at]carsized[dot]com.

This website provides simple means to compare car dimensions and design from a street perspective side by side for many current and old models. Limitations apply - please read our disclaimer.